Version Logging

by Maciej Stachowski in CodeSOD on 2015-05-05

251220061158 (335194668)

When a system evolves and grows, it's usually necessary to identify various versions of software living in the wild. There are many ways to do that: some hide their version numbers in code, some keep them in configuration and metadata files, and others store them in the application's database.

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Used Shellfish

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-05-01

"According to channel 7 in Australia these guys are right into trawling for content," Martin.

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One In a Million

by Remy Porter in CodeSOD on 2015-04-29

Marcus inherited a big-ol-ball-of-mud PHP application. The entire thing is one difficult to summarize pile of WTF, but he searched long and hard to find one snippet that actually summarizes how awful the code is.

That snippet is this :

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Killing the Virus

by Remy Porter in The Daily WTF: Live on 2015-04-28

On April 10th, I hosted The Daily WTF: Live! in Pittsburgh. It was a blast. We had a great crowd, and some great performances.

Our first story is one of my own- a tale about how one computer virus finds its violent end.

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Universal Printout

by Jane Bailey in CodeSOD on 2015-04-27

Dorian Gray

It had been a long meeting, and Bert was exhausted. Now, normally when a story on TDWTF starts that way, we go on to tell you about a hapless developer trapped in management hell, but this time, we're flipping the script on you: Bert was the Business Analyst on a project to enhance some self-check software for a number of supermarket chains. Ernie, the Software Engineer, was one of those braindead devs who needs everything spelled out before he'll write so much as a line of code, and Bert was much more comfortable with the looser specs in Agile projects.

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The Answer to this Question is WTF?!

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-04-24

"For a site that is used to view pay stubs, you'd think that they'd come up with better security questions," Carter K. wrote.

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